Review : A knotty Affair .

Published date : August 1st 2016

Published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

The summary 

‘A Knotty Affair’ is a story about a thirty-year-old software engineer, Viraj Sargaokar.

Born into a middle-class family that lives in the suburbs, he joins a south Bombay college, where he encounters a culture divide between him and his rich classmates.

Viraj is fascinated by a classmate Ruhi, a beautiful good-natured girl, who befriends him and treats him well, unlike the rest of his classmates.

Will Viraj be able to prove his father’s innocence?

Will Viraj survive the rigours of college life and overcome his shortcomings?

What will happen to the relationship between Ruhi and Viraj?

My thoughts 

A thirty year old unmarried Man with a not so pleasant past . His past had been so full of insecurities and now we are left to see how he much he has improved his personality . The story is a typical one-the sort that one can always watch turned into a movie .

Viraj , who has stammering problems , a sort of speaking disorder , struggles to express himself . He is so shy that he can’t speak to strangers at all , nor acquaintances who make him uncomfortable . His mother is the only one he is able to communicate to properly . The story starts with showing us what Viraj has made of himself . He is now a well earning , respected person in the society . That’s all he seems to be until we are transported back to Viraj’s past . There we are shown of the boy he once was . The man Viraj now is so different from the boy he was and we are able to see it rather clearly .

Viraj has always been shy , never going out to make friends , make quite fitting in . His father makes him join one of the  flashiest elite colleges around . There it seems to him as though he never was gonna belong there . The students language , dresses , accent …it wasn’t his comfy zone . Being odd and stuck with his obvious stammering problems , he isn’t able to make friends . That is when she comes , Ruhi . The only girl who talks to him , who makes him get lost in her . Feelings grow , but were they nurtured by both parties ?

While he starts enjoying his college days because of Ruhi , an other trouble brews up . His father is accused of a certain crime . And now it seems to Viraj that his family is falling to pieces . He starts improving , tries to rid himself of stammering , tries to go out and be normal . He succeeds . He then joins a job and takes the burden of earning for the household .

14 years later , it is still Viraj’s quest to prove his father innocent . One day when he is at his work , he receives a mysterious call from a girl . She starts screaming his ears off with curses . He tells her it must have been a wrong number . The next day he receives another call from the same number , this time , too , the same cursing starts . The next day too , another call from the same number . Only this time , it wasn’t the girl . (I won’t tell what the call was about and from whom , since it would be a potential spoiler .)

But soon after he and the girl decide to meet up ,  Viraj is met with a shock. Past comes swimming in front of him . He is scared . He doesn’t want to meet people from his past . But here she was , in front of him . And soon they become friends , without her knowing who he was .

Later , the story becomes more centered about the proving innocence part . The book also , in quite lengthy lines , tells the truth about how justice is not easy gained in India . How cases are not given enough attention that justice is never swift . Finally , his quest ends and his father is proven innocent . And as a fitting end to a man who can been ridiculed for so much of his life , he gets a HEA and marries and settles down , just as he had promised his mom he would .




I didn’t see the characters growing . Yes , Viraj had changed and has grown , but I wasn’t able to really see the why and how of it . But it was okay . The pace was definitely slow for me . The plotting was average.

The story was consistent . Which is a very good thing considering many books out there are inconsistent and jumpy .

I would recommend it to those I call the fans of soap opera  . That is , Bollywood . This is , as I have mentioned above , one of the stories that might catch the attention of the Bollywood .



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